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Asia - June 28, 2021

Jason Derulo makes jalebi in viral video with 1.5 million views. Desi fans can’t keep calm

India, June 28 (IndiaToday) – Jason Derulo made jalebis from scratch, no kidding. A video of the international pop singer has taken the Internet by storm. In the video, Jason can be seen making jalebis and oh, boy, he nails it. His jalebis turned out just perfect and he first shared the video on TikTok and later, posted it on Instagram.

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In the video, Jason Derulo can be seen mixing all the ingredients – milk, flour and food colour – and then whipping up a perfect batter. He then pours the batter into a squeezer and squeezes out perfectly spiral-shaped jalebis. He then soaks them in the sugar syrup and serves them on a platter. He pulls out chocolate syrup to drizzle on the jalebis, but he pushes it aside saying, “Not this time.” He did all of this while Jalebi Baby mashup (Tesher X Jason Derulo) was playing in the background.

The revamped version of Jalebi Baby by Tesher X Jason Derulo was launched a few weeks ago. The song has gone crazy viral globally. While most Asians are well-versed with what a jalebi is, Jason wanted his fans worldwide to know about it. “For those of you still wondering what a Jalebi is (sic),” sharing the video he wrote. The video has over 1.5 million views on Instagram.

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Tesher also shared the video on Twitter and wrote, “What is a jalebi?” is the #1 question me and @jasonderulo get these days. Now you know (sic).”

Fans are mighty impressed with Jason Derulo’s jalebi making skills. “Welcome to the Asian family (sic),” a fan wrote. “In persian we call that yummy sweet Zulbia & it’s one of the traditional popular sweet for Ramadan (the Islamic fasting month) (sic),” another comment read. “Ahha..!!! Finally a JALEBI for JALEBI..! You’ve nailed it mate..!!! India is proud of you (sic),” another user wrote.

Jalebi Baby has topped the Spotify charts in over 25 countries and has amassed millions of streams. The song is also viral on TikTok.

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