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US - July 29, 2021

Britney Spears’ Doctors Support Removing Her Dad As Conservator, Court Doc Says

Britney Spears’ medical team is in favor of removing her father as one of her conservators, according to a petition that attorneys for the pop star’s other conservator filed Thursday. 

The petition on behalf of Jodi Montgomery, who has overseen the personal and medical aspects of Spears’ conservatorship since 2019, was filed in support of removing the singer’s father, Jamie Spears, from his role as conservator of her finances ― a demand the star’s legal counsel made earlier this week. 

Jamie Spears acting as his daughter’s conservator is “not in [her] best interest” and the star’s doctors agree, the petition stated. 

“Ms. Montgomery respectfully notes that Ms. Spears’s medical team agrees that it is not in the best interest of the Conservatee for Mr. Spears to remain Conservator,” it sad.

Jamie Spears filed court documents last month saying he wasn’t familiar with many of the claims his daughter made during her testimony before a judge in June  — including one that she’s been forced to remain on birth control — as he’s merely the conservator of her estate and no longer conservator of her person. 

But it was her father whom Britney Spears singled out in her testimony last month, saying he’d threatened her and forced her to work against her will. He “should be in jail,” the singer said.

Spears’ mother, Lynne Spears, was also quoted in the petition earlier this week accusing Jame Spears of engaging in an “appalling and inexcusable” physical altercation with the singer’s two teenage sons. 

However, the singer has also expressed frustration with Montgomery over the amount of therapy Montgomery has allegedly forced her to attend, saying during her testimony that Montgomery was “starting to kind of take it too far with me.”

Mathew Rosengart, the first legal counsel Spears had permission to select on her own in her conservatorship case, has only sought the removal of her father from the conservatorship. His petition also asks the court to replace Jamie Spears with Jason Rubin, a professional fiduciary and forensic accountant with significant experience as a conservator.

A judge will consider the requests at a hearing scheduled for December.

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