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US - August 11, 2021

Long-Running Joke About Donald Trump Gets The Treatment In New Political Ad

Progressive PAC MeidasTouch’s new ad spotlights a “catastrophic” failure under former President Donald Trump that’s on the cusp of being delivered under President Joe Biden.

The 79-second montage contrasts the Senate’s passing of a $1.2 trillion infrastructure bill on Tuesday with the long-running joke that became then-President Trump’s much-promised but ultimately underdelivered “Infrastructure Week.”

It begins with footage of Trump and officials from his administration declaring, at various points throughout his time in office, that this was finally the week they would tackle America’s aging roads, bridges and other infrastructure systems.

The clip then cuts to footage of Biden’s inauguration, the initial unveiling of his infrastructure plan and its subsequent passing by the Senate in a bipartisan vote. The legislation still needs to be passed by the House.

“What Trump failed to do in 4 years, President Biden did in 7 months,” reads text that appears on screen. 

The video is the latest anti-Trump spot from attorney Ben Meiselas and his two brothers. It garnered more than 600,000 views in its first 10 hours online, although the effect that such viral clips have on swaying voters is still up for debate.

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