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US - September 7, 2021

Ted Cruz Tells People To ‘Get A Job’ And Twitter Works Him Over

Sen. Ted Cruz (R-Texas) had a suggestion for unemployed Americans Monday as benefits expired for millions hit hard by the pandemic. Above an article noting the dwindling options now available for the jobless, the lawmaker wrote on Twitter: “Um, get a job?”

“There are millions of vacancies, and small businesses across the Nation are desperate for workers,” he continued.

Of course, Twitter clapped back. The polarizing politician had it coming. He opposed a minimum wage increase to $15 and a coronavirus aid package that he said would enable “illegal immigrants” and “criminals” to collect stimulus checks. Many in his party argue that the extended unemployment benefits discouraged work ― a claim disputed by economists who say other reasons including a lack of child care have led some people to remove themselves from the workforce.

Cruz got crushed by many Twitter users for his “get a job” comment.

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