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US - September 10, 2021

Great White Shark Is Missing ‘Unusual’ Amount Of Teeth: ‘Anyone Know A Good Dentist?’

If there’s a dentist out there willing to treat an apex predator underwater, have we got a gig for you.

A recent cage-diving expedition around Mexico’s Guadalupe Island revealed a great white shark with a crazy amount of teeth missing. Now, great whites often lose teeth when they sink their jaws into prey, but they often grow back quickly.

This one looks awfully gummy.

“It’s pretty unusual for a shark to have that many missing teeth,” Martin Graf, owner of Shark Diver, told USA Today’s For the Win.

“Anyone know a good dentist?” Graf captioned the photo, taken by diver Kristen Thomas on the Sept. 3-8 Shark Diver adventure. “It’s a good thing that white sharks can replace their teeth.”

Graf told the outlet that the shark was attacking bait placed behind the boat to lure the sharks so the divers can observe them from within the cages.

Great white sharks reportedly go through tens of thousands of teeth in a lifetime.

This one, however, looks like it could use dentures.

“He’s a snaggle tooth!” one commenter wrote. “Uh what kind of toothpaste,” another cracked.

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